What kind of cases do you take?
We most often prosecute big cases. We're interested in cases where a large number of people (hundreds or thousands) have the same problems and claims as you do. We have helped people who have been ripped off or damaged by for-profit schools, membership gym clubs, email providers, debt collectors, employers, and more. We generally don't handle family law matters, landowner-tenant disputes, or personal injury matters that don't involve a defective product. 

Just because your case isn't huge, though, doesn't mean we'll say no. Employment matters generally involve a requirement that the employer pay your legal fees, and that can make them work economically for you and us. 

And, sometimes a small case is so offensive we decide somebody just has to do it.

How can I know before I answer all your questions whether you will take my case?
Every case is different. The attorneys at Gallo carefully review your responses to evaluate your potential claims against the company you have a dispute with. There are many considerations that form the basis for accepting or declining to represent a potential client. Beyond the basic question of whether you can win, we look at where the case will be, how old your claims are, the number of potential plaintiffs, the total amount of money at stake, and the ability of a defendant to pay a judgment, among other things. If we decide we're not the right lawyers for your case, we may be able to give you some free legal advice, or to connect you with other resources.